Final Project Unit

Hello everyone! I just wanted to draw some attention to a unit that I am making for my Music Tech final project. It will involve a musical piece called Widmung by Robert Schumann.

Widmung Picture

I decided to do a unit on this piece because students need to be aware of music from different languages. This piece is great for teaching students who have had minimal exposure and those who are already familiar with singing German pieces.

I believe that this lesson would mostly benefit students in Jr.high school and high school. It can be taught to students of lower grades, but this requires a level of understanding that may or may not be found in middle school and below.

Through this unit, students will be able to do two things:

  1. Understand this piece to the point that they themselves could perform the piece effectively.
  2. Use the knowledge gained from this unit to better perform other songs of the German language.

If you wish to take a peek you can find it here.

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